[ s t a b i l i t y ]

What is stability? They make you think that stability means having a husband, kids, a house, and a fancy car. Everything in our society points us to believe that stability means having your life put together in a superficial way. We are taught to believe that we should buy a house on credit, finance our car, and then drive everyday to a job we hate just to pay for all the things society has sold us to believe means we are “making it”. However, that is all wrong. Just by creating a family and being owned by a piece of property does not mean we are necessarily stable. This is merely external stability.

I crave a deeper level of stability. I crave to know that I am mentally stable enough to handle every single situation that life throws my way. I need the reassurance that I am mentally strong enough and deep rooted to the soils of this beautiful, vast earth to survive on any terrain, village, or continent. I crave to know that I am stable enough to be challenged by others perspectives and acknowledge that my own view point might be wrong or misconceived. I crave to know that I can learn a third or forth language. I crave to be bold enough to make deep rooted connections with strangers who I sit next to on a bus, flight, or train. This is what I crave to maintain my own mental stability and strength. 

As much as I would love to settle down, start a family, have a house, own a car, and finance a bunch of stuff I probably dont need; I think it would be the death of my mental stability. This mundane lifestyle would suffocate me to the point of death and I am afraid that it cannot be part of my future.