A friend recently posted an article of facebook about a happy day challenge. I read through the article and am going to give it a go.

Why would I want to start a 100 day happiness challenge? Because in life I really believe that we often take for granted all of the goodness and happiness that surrounds us. Somehow along our human evolution, we have evolved into viewing everything in life with a negative outlook. We like to seek the negative, think negative, and spread negative energy to those around us. We have become glass half empty peoples and I think we need to actively focus on searching for the good!

By starting a 100 day happiness challenge, I am going to be posting daily photos to my instagram- wefstef about something that makes me happy each day. Try to look at the brightness in everyday and find the beauty around you! It isnt easy, but even if you see a heavy storm rolling in recognize the beauty in the dark clouds ;p