Ubud- Where to stay ;p

by wanderingsonearth

Ubud is basically the place where middle aged yogi housewives go to feel as though they are exploring the world. (Sorry its harsh, but true) It is over run with insane fit women in their Lululemon yoga pants, eating organic food, and practicing with some self proclaimed guru. After you accept this Ubud is nice. You will not feel as though you are in Asia, but it is a charming city. It is filled with art stores, organic body products, chic restaurants, and stores selling yogi clothing lines. (Cute, but so obviously catered towards the Western tourist)

However, if you are lucky you will find the hidden gems of Ubud. You wont stay at a corporate hotel or resort, you’ll find yourself an adorable family run guest house. Emma and I found guest house that was restored family temples, surrounding a small garden and pond. 

ImageOur 11 USD a night hotel room ;p It included a full bath, kitchen, and two beds! 


The full view of our little room with the surrounding gardens