The one with the sex hotel

by wanderingsonearth

You might ask, “How do you know you are staying at a sex hotel?” Well there are several signs. Sometimes they are more discrete, but on other occasions they are quite overt.  On the lovely evening I was lost in Kunming (refer to the story below), I ended up checking into an obvious sex hotel. After paying, getting my room key, showering, and laying down I noticed a few things. The most obvious was the condom bar on my night stand. There were more condom selections that I had ever seen in a super market. Then as I looked beside the condom bar, I noticed that there was a little booklet of photographs with whores you could buy for the night. Literally, no joke, a whole book with probably a hundred photos of different girls you could buy. It was quite the experience. As it settled in that I was sleeping in a bed where men slept with hookers, I began to feel that I needed another shower and that I should probably put my dresser in front of my door. 

As I laid there in silence, I could hear heals clicking the floor and men talking. Then my stomach kind of flopped. At that moment, I sent a text message to a close friend and said “if you dont hear from me in the morning, assume I am dead and raped somewhere in China.” Of course this was a joke, but nervousness once again filled my body. I tried to sooth myself and sleep, but a deep sleep was the last thing my timid body was going to allow me to accomplish. 

As I laid awake most of the night, I knew the morning would bring new adventures and surely be better than the day I had.