“Obama, Obama, Obama”

by wanderingsonearth


Obama at home and abroad are two different people. I believe at the moment Obama’s domestic approval rating is as low as 23% on some polls. However, I am almost positive it would be double that if there were a survey to be conducted abroad. While walking through the streets of Burma, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, or China as an American you’ll frequently hear “Ohh, America, Obama”. Does this matter? Of course it does because they are smiling as they say these three basic English words they know. Eight years ago the American name was tarnished after two wars in the Middle East, harsh economic sanctions around the globe, and the notorious “Axis of Evil”. Now people abroad are beginning to see that America is not as backward as George W. Bush portrayed us to be. We have an ethnically diverse President, who attempts to speak a second language (Indonesian), and who is relaxing economic sanctions around the globe. On his several diplomatic visits Obama has been a promoter of peace and encouraged stability throughout the world, rather than war and chaos. This all matters because at the moment (In Asia) people are not unhappy with America. They are loving “Obama”! 

So go “Obama” ! He might not be doing well at home, but he is helping us some in SE Asia! (Maybe not China, but thats a completely different matter to discuss)