Kuta Beach let down

by wanderingsonearth

Bali. What to say? I thought as I arrived that I was going to experience some sort of Eat, Pray, Love holiday, then I arrived at Kuta Beach….. As I heard drunken Aussies scream “ay ay ay” and run the streets without shirts it set in that it might not be such an enchanting island. On the day we arrived, I walked to the beach to see it covered with overweight European women in thongs and surfer dudes waiting for the next wave and instantly my image of this untouched Balinese beach diminished. After I realized that I was not going to have the romantic, secluded holiday I anticipated I shifted my mind to prepare for an adventure packed week. 

After day one my friend and I signed up for a two day surf lesson. On the first day I honestly imagined I would be a Roxy pro surfer. I thought I would look similar to Kate Bosworth in Blue Crush, to my sad regret I only caught one wave that day. The only reason I managed to get up was because my instructed pushed my board. I did not even possess the upper body strength to paddle quick enough to ride a wave. After day one of my two hour surf lesson, I rewarded myself with a one dollar cone from the golden arches of McDonalds. As I sat there and looked around I realized that Bali is to Australians what Cancun is to American spring breakers. However, after living in the rural jungles of Malaysia I was happy to be surrounded by burgers, poached eggs, Starbucks, and good coffee. (I cannot complain) 

ImageA photograph taken after one of my surf lessons


Sunset from one of the shopping complexes in Kuta Beach


My dear travel buddy after surf lessons 😀

Overall, Kuta Beach was not what I expected, but it was a fun break! i learned to surf, ate amazing food, and enjoyed my three days at the beach!