The day at the ashram

by wanderingsonearth


Being a spiritual being I decided to check into an asharm in Ubud, Bali. I expected to find some sort of enlightenment or spiritual awakening that you read about in yogi books or watch Julia Roberts experience on “Eat Pray Love”; I didnt. I checked in and was pisssed that they told me I could not eat in my room. I brought Oroes…. Hello, how is a woman supposed to survive without snacking on a few oreos. Second, I missed the 5AM meditation.. (Strike two for me right?) After waking up at 9AM, I thought I would take a dip in the “healing pool” that the website advertised. As I made my way down to the pool I noticed all of the glares from other devotees, probably from missing the morning meditation. Then I saw the pool….. Clearly healing pools do not use chlorine so that means that there is extra bacteria growth…. Maybe that is what “heals” others, but I was not letting my little toe touch that infested water. Then the bell for lunch went off. I made my way to the dining hall only to find out I was excluded from lunch because I did not place my order twenty four hours in advance… Then I left…


I was not cut out for ashram life. I stayed in an ashram for 24 hours. As embarrassing as it is I believe it makes a great tale ;p So whats the take away, if you are going to an ashram wake up for meditation, order meals, and dont take oreos as snacks !