How was your trip abroad?

by wanderingsonearth

How can I answer this simple question with a few sentences that will describe the ups and downs I have encountered within the past two years. Its truly a generic question and unless you have lived abroad you probably think it is a sufficient welcome home questions, however it is not. My life over the past two years was not a vacation, I cannot summarize it all in a paragraph, let alone a few sentences.

So how was my “trip abroad”? Mind blowing. It is so fucking sad to sit here and think that I am currently in the United States. I spent the last two years living in utopia. When I was in the airport I broke down and sobbed because the prangs of sadness were completely overwhelming. Flying from Myanmar where life is colorful and vibrant, to Chicago where everyone was wearing black or brown and rushing to make flights was a reality check in its own. It was just a unpleasant reminder that I am coming back into the restraints of society.