Coming home

by wanderingsonearth

The vast majority of my friends are financially well off. They drive Mercedes, BMWs, 2013 Jeeps. They feel they need to buy the newest iPhone 5s despite the fact that their iPhone 5 is perfectly functional. They feel the need to instagram the newest photos of themselves in New York, London, or Paris with Prada or LV bags. They go to the top salons to get their highlights. The list can go on, but I cannot relate to them anymore. I feel so disconnected from this life. On top of that, I do not want to fit in with these people anymore. I dont want to place such emphasis on material objects that mean NOTHING in the grand scheme of things.

One of my guy friends once said “it is sad if you dont have a pair of Prada or Tod loafers in your closet.” This statement is pitiful for a multitude of reasons. How can I connect with someone who spends 700 USD on shoes, when the majority of the people I have been around the past two years could NEVER afford such wasteful luxuries. How can I respect people who place such a high value on name brands that less than 5% of the world can afford? The simple answer is, I cannot.

As I settle back home, I face the reality that I need new friends. I cannot get sucked into a society that places so much value on brands and financial well-being over compassion and empathy. I want to live a life of simplicity and place emphasis on the needs of others and what I can do the make the world a better place.